About Us

PERIODISMO EN COLECTIVO is a site focused on investigative journalism and data, made by journalists together with citizens and organizations interested in researching a topic in serious and rigorous way.

This organization was born in Quintana Roo from a previous journalistic project, from a seed planted more than a decade ago, under the approach of transparency and reporting back, and since 2016 it was combined with the work carried out by the association Somos Tus Ojos por la Transparencia Quintana Roo.

In Periodismo en colectivo we believe in the usefulness of this profession, and in the importance of sharing information that contributes to the understanding of the social and political context, as well as to fight against corruption and impunity.

We also want to become a reliable source of information for foreign residents who need to better understand the context in which they chose to live, beyond their main activity: tourism.

In Periodismo en colectivo we hope to have more readers, from the space they choose: reading, sharing information, actively participating or by financing independent journalism.

Fabiola Cort├ęs Founder